Cocoa Creative Consultants is an agency designed to solve problems, fast. We produce CDs, scratchcards, mass marketing and all forms of printed matter for the music and entertainments industry.

In addition we offer a professional service providing typesetting, editing, print and logistics for the scientific and international markets.

What connects the two? Nothing more than a desire to ensure fast deadlines are met, visions are fulfilled and your image is controlled in a professional manner. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  From corporations to home businesses, business ethics don’t change – you need to satisfy your customers and hit your deadlines, and we are here to ensure you do it, adding an extra dimension to your business.

Imagine for a second your couriers, design agency, printers, copy-editors, type-setters and production house were combined into one and available 24/7. Then imagine what you can do for your clients with Cocoa as a partner.